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so that you can pick the strategy that works for you, while using the principles that work for everyone!


You want more freedom, more flexibility and more financial security.

And you know that online therapy will allow you to do the work you love, and still live the life you want.  

You want to learn to fill your online therapy practice, with ease and integrity.

But you’ve got all the pieces in place for your online practice...except where are the clients?


You don’t need to go to marketing school.

You need something simple, affordable, and actionable. And you need enough options that you can pick the ones

aligned with who you are, what you are good at, and what you can find joy in doing.


You’ve received a few free consultation calls…

But none of them are converting to paying online therapy clients.You don’t know if you aren’t using the right language or if there just isn’t a market for online therapy. You sure don’t want to talk people into something that they don’t really want.

You thought psychology today would be enough…

But you’ve been paying XX a month and still no clients.

You thought that if you talked about online therapy on your website, you’d be good to go.

But it turns out there aren’t enough people who know that online therapy exists, to start googling for it.

You’ve seen packages for thousands of dollars to market your practice.

But you aren’t trying to build an group therapy empire.  

You want a reasonable number of clients at a great rate (private pay or insurance), and you want to be able to live a life outside of your business.


marketing mini sessions

I am super duper excited to share an affordable subscription for you to learn how to fill your online therapy practice.” - Amber Lyda

What is it?

Marketing Mini Sessions is my way of sharing techniques, strategy, and foundational principles of marketing so that you can pick the strategy that works for you…

  • Weekly tips and tricks to help your ideal clients find you, and monthly in depth trainings on ways to market your practice.  

  • Quick and dirty way to get clients FAST and the longer term strategies to keep your practice full.

  • How to market your practice EFFICIENTLY so that you are not spending hours creating posts that no one will see, dropping off business cards that don't get picked up, or spinning your wheels in all the ways most of us have done at some point!




How does it work?

Market your practice EFFICIENTLY based on techniques, strategy, and foundational principles that work for everyone and are truly in alignment with you!


WEEKLY tips and tricks to help your ideal clients find you


MONTHLY in depth trainings on ways to market your practice


QUICK WIN ways to get clients FAST


STRATEGIES for the long-term that keep your practice full

Marketing strategies aligned with you...

Want to bring in business through YouTube? Cool. We’ll cover that.

You hate video, but you are great at connecting one on one?  Awesome, we’ve got some lessons just for you.

Do you despise social media, but can get down with creating some online worksheets for clients?  Sweet, let’s find your business doing what you already love to do.

Whereever you are in your business, whoever you are as a person, there is a way to get in front of your ideal clients that doesn’t feel icky.  You can come from a heart of service, not sleeze and still fill your practice and your pocketbook. (Ew, did that gross you out? That’s okay, we’ll work on your money mindset a little too). 


marketing mini sessions

My practice is full - full of ideal clients and full of full fee private pay clients. And I haven't accepted a new client in well over year! I want to help you fill your practice too!” - Amber Lyda

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You don't need a marketing degree to fill your practice.

This isn't hard. You just don't know how to do it yet.  And you know what's awesome?  Once you are full and stay that way for awhile, you don't have to keep actively marketing like you do in the beginning.  Word of mouth will be your FREE marketing.


Hey there,

I’m Amber Lyda.

I’m a therapist who got so fearful of living the same old thing, that my fear of missing out overcame my fear of messing up.  I learned everything I could about building a business online and now, I make a bigger difference, a bigger income, and most importantly, live a BIGGER LIFE than I ever have before.  If any of that sounds good to you, hop on into the Marketing Mini Sessions with me and fill your practice now.


What people are saying:

You can lose a lot of life to "someday".

Stop waiting. Start now.

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