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If you are like me, you love your clinical work, but you are sick of losing life to long hours, a crazy commute, and a ceiling on salary, time off, and even impact.

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I’m just a therapist who found a way to do the work I LOVE and live the life I want.  And since it would be really bad mojo to keep it to myself, I teach other therapists to do the same.  

I help therapists find their passions, turn them into profits, and leverage the internet to make more impact and income.  

I’d love for you to come hang out with me on the podcast – it’s just for folks like us – who want to serve more and sacrifice less.  Inspiration and how to, with lots of “you can do it!” Want to learn how I did it?

A Values - Driven Life and Business

Calibrate your compass once, by defining your values, and you’ll always know you’re headed in the right direction, in your business or your life.  I built my business to support these values. I’d love to know yours!



Do meaningful work, in novel and creative ways.



Make a difference, from anywhere at anytime.



Spend more time “in the zone” of purpose and creativity, not in bureaucracy.


How I can help you

What are you ready to work on?