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You want to make a bigger difference and a bigger income through an online business? Yeah friend, you’re in the right place!.png

Yeah friend, you’re in the right place!


We’ve been told some dangerous lies...

It isn’t possible to serve others AND living a fulfilling life.

You have to be salesy, selfish, and icky to earn a good living.

Everything you want to do, has been done before.

Who do you think you are, anyway?

Guess what!?

Those lies aren’t just hurting you.
They are hurting all of the people you could be serving.


You can build an online business that lets you:

Make a difference, help more people, work fewer hours, earn more money,

and have more freedom, flexibility and flow in your own life!


The internet is information overload.

When I started out, I read ALL of the books, listened to ALL of the podcasts, hired ALL of the coaches, and took ALL of the online courses. I'm overstating for effect here but let me tell you my brain and my wallet were OVERWHELMED.

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“I wanted to create something different for people like me - who knew the "general direction" they wanted to go in, but who needed a compass to get there.” - Amber Lyda

What is it?

Freedom Seekers is my way of sharing the most important lessons, tips, and tricks I've learned along the way.  I help you to...

  • Find the passions you want to share with the world.  

  • Understand which will actually make you a profit.

  • Deliver them to make a difference in the world.


Learn how to turn your big ideas into big impact and big income.


How can I help you?

I built a full time online therapy practice WHILE starting a side hustle that has evolved into online courses, consultation, supervision, coaching, membership site and a podcast.  

I work less, enjoy work more, make more money and reach more people than I ever have before.

I spent a lot of time and money rummaging around on the internet to find my way.  

I want it to be different for you. I want to give you the shortcuts. I  want for you to get to where I am now - and to get there faster than I could.  


Freedom Seekers School

I've brought together the most important things I've learned about building an online business (courses, consultations, therapy, membership sites, ebooks, podcasts, etc.) and, as importantly, all of the things I'm learning about building a great life. And I’ve put them together to help you get to your dream life, through a dream business. 


How does it work?

We get clear on your values and we get clear on the course to build a business and structure a life to align with them.


WEEKLY inspiring, informational, and actionable tips or lessons to build a life and a business you’ll love


MONTHLY recorded trainings chock full of the lessons and exercises to get you there


FREQUENT (loving) nudges to take action, not just take in info


ALL THE CHEERLEADING and “can do” attitude you can handle

Best of all, it's delivered just ONE piece at a time. No overwhelm here.

The longer you are in Freedom Seekers School, the more content you'll have at your fingertips - all organized in your online classroom and ready for you to deep dive with a glass of vino and your furry slippers whenever the mood strikes.

Watch out - this is business AND life changing

We’ll cover things...


About business...

  • Finding, igniting, and narrowing down your passions

  • Determining which passion can become a profitable product

  • Discovering which path is the best one to share your product

  • Finding and building an audience to buy your product

  • Learning to market your product

  • All the techy insider tricks to making money and making systems that save you time

About life…

  • Learning what lights you up and how to spend more time there

  • Getting clear about what is draining you, and how to eliminate or delegate it away

  • Organizing and systematizing life and business to spend more time in flow

  • Why and how your business should SERVE your life and values

  • How you can be a values-driven business person and lead a values-driven life



Even more specifically, you’ll learn all about…

  • Online business building

  • Pros/cons of methods of making money online

  • Podcasting

  • Membership Sites

  • Online Courses

  • Books and eBooks

  • Coaching and Consulting

  • Supervision

  • Supervision Groups 

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Still not sure?

This is for you if…

If you know you want MORE out of life than you currently have.

If you know that the hustle and grind COULD BE DIFFERENT.

If you love the idea of helping others and making a difference.

You aren't offended by also making a profit.


Hey there,

I’m Amber Lyda.

I’m a therapist who got so fearful of living the same old thing, that my fear of missing out overcame my fear of messing up.  I learned everything I could about building a business online and now, I make a bigger difference, a bigger income, and most importantly, live a BIGGER LIFE than I ever have before.  If any of that sounds good to you, hop on into the Freedom Seekers’ School with me.


What people are saying:

You can lose a lot of life to "someday".

Stop waiting. Start now.