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I get it, you go getter you!

You want to serve others, with less sacrifice

You want to do good, and FEEL GOOD

You want more freedom, more flexibility, and more time in FLOW

You want to take intentional, strategic, and effective action to get to your goals

You want to step into this new phase of your life with confidence and ease

You want to skip the time consuming, money burning, steep learning curve of starting out and get there faster

But, you feel stuck.

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Sometimes you just need a one time obstacle-busting, momentum-building breakthrough session.

These are awesome for solving one or two very defined, practical issues holding you and your business back.


Sometimes you need more.

You need someone to:

  • Help you get super clear so you can set your ultimate goals

  • Identify the values that will help you chart the course to get you there

  • Develop a step by step path to walk with confidence and ease

  • Hold you accountable to take consistent action to make it happen

  • Help you do it all with a sense of ease and excitement




YES, set up my first session!

This is for you if…

  • You have one or two practical questions or clearly defined issues you need tactical advice on or

  • You know you want another income stream but need help knowing which of your passions to take action on

  • You need help to know what you need.  This is a great session to use as an “intake assessment” for your business.

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Obstacle-Busting, Momentum-Building Breakthrough Session

It’s not always some big thing

We often use these sessions to do things like…

  • Practical question and answer sessions

  • Identify a mindset stuck point in your business

  • Narrow down passions that could turn into profit making online products

  • Identify the next right step in your marketing plan

  • Review and edit scripts for your business (letter to transition in person to online clients, scripts that convert consultations to paying clients, etc.)

  • Determine client fees, what is “full” for your practice, and how to start moving there

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The Biopsychosocial for your Business

Consider it an intake for your business

I’ll help to...

  • Assess the stuck points and issues you want help with

  • Identify your strengths and successes thus far

  • Provide immediate troubleshooting tips for those questions with quick answers

  • Conceptualize where the stuck points are coming from

  • Develop a plan to address them

Just like in a therapy intake, we’ll develop a clear course of action by the end of our meeting.  We’ll decide together if you have all that you need from this session, need more but from someone else, or that additional sessions with me may be useful.

WHAt’s my jam session

You love your therapy work but want more

together we will explore the best avenues for you to create a greater impact and greater income by…

  • Gaining clarity on your passion and skills

  • Recognizing which path/s is likely the best fit for you and providing you the references and resources to head in the right direction/s from the start

  • Before our meeting, you’ll share your income goals, your passions, what lights you up, your obstacles, your fears, your dreams, your ambitions, and together we’ll talk big dreams and practical sequences to get you where you are going.


Here’s how it will go down…


Step 1: Book a consultation

  • You’ll get a pre-meeting worksheet to help me determine how I can best serve you in our meeting.

  • We’ll meet for 50 minutes on video

Working with coaches and consultants helped me build ALL of my online businesses faster, better, and with more clarity and ease than I ever could have managed alone.  Google searches, online courses, and scouring facebook groups can be helpful. They can also eat up so much of your valuable time (and therefore money), that you would be better served to meet with someone one on one.

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Step 2: Get some help

  • We’ll get clear about what you need

  • Troubleshoot a targeted problem and/or

  • Deeply assess your business and life goals and start on a path to meet them

Whenever possible I offer immediate answers to those problems that are easy to solve by someone whose been there and done that.  What I really love though? Helping you take a deep look at your life goals, and co-creating a plan to transform your business into one that supports those goals.  


Step 3: Plan your path

  • Sessions wrap with a plan on how to move forward

  • A follow up email will be sent with my notes summarizing our meeting

  • We will have identified your short term action steps for the coming weeks

Sometimes, you get everything you need in just that first meeting!  Often though, we find that a small set of consultations will help you get where you want to go faster.  What I really love though? Creating a relationship in which we work together long term on multiple tiers of your business so that you can achieve, not just dream, those big goals.

 “I loved the initial consultation, I want more!”

Yay!  I’m so glad!  Let me tell you more about the difference in a small consultation package and my premier coaching packages!

Choose the package that is perfect for you!

Consulting Package

One-issue workthroughs

Small consulting packages are perfect for you if…

  • You have one item identified that we will focus on exclusively for a few meetings.

What you’ll get in those meetings are...

  • Pre-meeting worksheets so we can jump start our session

  • In session feedback, guidance, and support

  • Post-meeting notes of session and action steps

Issues previous consultants have worked through using a consulting package:

  • Transition in person clients to online clients

  • Generating and narrowing down passions that could become profits

  • Creating a strategy to raise fees, and reduce client load

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned in a “quick start” session/s to get you clarity about what’s possible and steer you toward the paths that are likely to be most in line with your goals- life goals, impact goals, and income goals.


$297 per session ($50 off first session)


Premier Coaching Package

Transform and Train with me!

A coaching package is perfect for you if...

  • You are a passionate, hardworking therapist craving balance AND willing to put in the time and effort.  You want to give more than what they can offer through therapy and you want to GET more from their life than the average 9-5.  

  • You are a multi-passionate thera-preneur who wants to work together on multiple goals and a more meaningful life. You want ongoing guidance, support, and accountability!

What you’ll get...

  • Bi-monthly one on one video meetings

  • Recorded meetings for later review

  • Voxer audio/texting support between meetings

  • Email support between meetings (e.g. reviewing copy, scripts, etc.)

  • Loom videos to walk you through easy fixes

  • Goal setting and task tracking together in Asana

  • Free membership to Freedom Seekers School

  • Free access to my resource library of templates, scripts, and more

  • Strategy

  • Accountability

  • Momentum

  • An ally

Typical issues include...

  • Getting very clear on what lights you up, and what stresses you out

  • Strategic planning about how to realistically add more of the former, and eliminate or delegate most of the latter

  • Brainstorming business and life goals

  • Analyzing which goals most clearly align with your values

  • Creating an action plan to follow for each goal

  • Checking in about the balance between your personal life and business life

  • Getting clear on your financial goals, current financial state, and a plan of action to get you to where you want to go

  • Weighting the pros/cons of the various passions you have, the profits they can make, and the paths you can take to get there

  • Developing a marketing strategy that aligns with your financial realities and your ultimate dreams, as well as lines up with the actual time you have to work on those goals


Coaching spots are very limited.  I take less than 6 people into business coaching practice each year to provide the highest quality experience I can.

Packages are 6, 9 or 12 months and start at $5,997. Payment plans are available.