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Everything you need to start and grow an Online Therapy Practice


You can create an online therapy practice

ethically, legally, and with ease. 

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The “Get it Going Guide” to starting your online therapy practice.

Inside you’ll find a checklists of what you need to do and what you need to buy to get started! Plus, shortcuts to hard-to-find information about your state and professional organizations rules on telehealth.

What do you need to start your online practice? Answers

When all of the questions are getting in the way of getting started, find your answers right here.

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Starting an online therapy practice is still pretty novel.

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Time Saving Shortcuts 

The Get it Going Checklist

If you don’t know where to start, start here.  I’ll tell you all the things you need to know to get up and running. Click the links for short cuts to hard-to-find information about tele-health rules in your state and professional organization! It’s free, ya’ll!


Informed consent paperwork

If you’ve already begun the process but are struggling with the paperwork, I’ve got you!   I share exactly what I use to cover myself for in person clients, online clients, and international clients.  It’s ten pages of everything-you-need for a stellar Informed Consent to cover your in person, online, and international practice for just $97.


marketing mini sessions

You’ve got your practice set up but where the heck are the clients??!!!  The Marketing Mini Sessions teach you how to help clients YOU want and in ways that feel good and do good in the world. Learn bite-size, practical tips and tricks to marketing without all the overwhelm so you can take action and get results, quickly!


equipment ideas to support your practice

Wondering what kind of equipment you need for your online practice?  Here are some of my favorite things!


Or, get ALL of the things you need all in one place in the eight week course:

Step by Step to Setup

An All-The-Things start-up course for your ONLINE therapy practice.

You can also score one-on-one help with Amber.  

If you are feeling stuck with issues like....

  • I’ve set everything up and I’m listed on Psychology Today, why aren’t I getting clients?

  • I have a successful in person practice but I’m struggling to transition to online therapy!

  • I’m working to fill my online therapy practice AND start another online business but I need help!

I’ve got you!!!