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Online businesses for therapists who want to

live better, serve more, and sacrifice less.

If you’ve dreamed of using your hard-won skills to build a life that truly reflects your values and dreams -

this is the place for you. 

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I help therapists get clarity on their passions (in and outside of the therapy room), identify the ways those passions could turn into profits, and set them on the path to their dream income, impact, and a life with worth savoring - all by leveraging the best business opportunities on the internet.

“Create your dream income, impact, and a life worth savoring.”

It’s hard to know how to get started.

I remember feeling so excited, but also a little afraid to even hope for something better.  I wanted more out of life than the traditional 8 - 5 agency job. But, probably like you, I didn’t know where to start. And how could we? How are we supposed to know what the options are? Which of our million of ideas can actually translate into purpose and profit? This was definitely not covered in grad school. But guess what?

I’ve got you!  There are soooo many ways you can do your heart-guided, soul-deep work in this world. 

And I’m here to help!  

Work less, earn more, and make more of an impact

I built a successful online coaching and consulting practice, run a full time online only therapy practice, created courses that sell like hotcakes, and am launching my podcast and membership site!

I work less, earn more, and make more of an impact than I ever have before.

You can have a life of purpose and meaning. You can have a life full of zest and ease. 

C’mon in, friend.

It’s a beautiful day to start building the life AND business you will LOVE.

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How I can Help

->Just getting started?

I spent my first couple of years reading ALL of the books, hiring ALL of the coaches and consultants, and trying ALL of the things. But, my best friends were great information, inspiration, and community - which is exactly what I’ve created for you in our Podcast and Podcast community and in the Online Therapy Academy.

Grab your earbuds and I’ll grab the mic.

Let’s build lives we can be proud of AND grateful for. Learn ALL of the businesses and lifestyles you can build online.

Get ready to meet your business besties.

Our group is for therapists like you who want to make a difference for others, while living a full life themselves.

Focus in on online therapy, only.

The Online Therapy Academy is a resource list for all the things you’ll need to start and grow your online therapy practice.


->Ready to really go after it?

Freedom seekers is a membership for the do-ers.

We’ve got the hope AND the how-to. The Freedom Seekers school is a membership for weekly tips, tricks, and trainings focused on the “next level” education you need to turn your passions turn into profits. C’mon in!

Your course list for specific how-tos to get going.

If you know exactly what you need, and want to take a live or self guided course to get you there, our course menu is the place to select the courses that are right for you.  Have a course idea you don’t see? Email me!

Techniques, strategy, and foundational principles.

You’ve got your practice set up but where the heck are the clients??!!!  Learn bite-size, practical tips and tricks to marketing without all the overwhelm so you can take action and get results, quickly! Learn more!


->Prefer one on one help?

Sign Up to dig deep in one on one sessions with me, where we move you from Live-Haver to Go-Getter and from Dreamer to Do-er.

Consultations get you to the other side of a specific problem.

Consultations are individual or small packages of sessions booked with a very specific problem in mind which we work through together. Having trouble deciding which of your passions could turn profitable? Wondering why you can’t find online therapy clients? See what else I can help with!

Coaching is a long term relationship to transform your life and business.

Together, we identify your goals, and explore the paths to reaching them that fit best for your business and life. Then we walk together to get you there. If you need accountability, momentum, and an ally...let’s find a time to talk to see if I’m the person for you.  Learn more!

Step by Step is a small group course delivered online.

For those of you focusing exclusively on an Online Therapy Business, The course takes you from Clueless to Client-ready in just eight weeks!I Save time and money with step by step instruction. Learn more!